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q&arules & infopromo graphicsby niewiadoma
Welcome to spbigbang, where artists and writers collaborate on producing new and exciting work.

Our newest event, SPBB 2013, will be debuting shortly. The schedule for 2013 is as follows:

December 10, 2012-January 2, 2013: Writer sign-ups
February 1: Optional check-in
March 1: Mandatory check-in
April 1: Rough draft + matching info
April 15: Final draft
April 15-May 3: Artist sign-ups
May 10: Art assignments
June 28: Art deadline
Early July-August (depending): Posting

The inaugural SPBB ran during the autumn and winter of 2011; stories and art were posted during April 2012 and are all available online here.

The South Park Reverse Mini-Bang, in which the art inspires the fic (the "reverse") and the stories are shorter (the "mini"), took place from July - October 2012. The full archive of art and fic is over at the official SPBB Presents site.

Make sure you watch and join the community to catch all the new work when it posts and find out about any new SPBB events as they're announced. We also have a support community, spbigbangtalk where you can chat about SPBB events, discuss ideas, or get feedback.

E-mail your mods at southparkbigbang@gmail.com with any questions.

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