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SPBB 2016: Rules, info, & schedule for authors

Main objective: Write a South Park fanfic of 20,000 words or longer. After completing the story, writers will be paired up with artists, who will illustrate the fic. The result will be an influx of substantial new works for the SP fandom to enjoy.

Bonus objectives: To create a space for SP fans who wish to participate to gather. To revive the fanzine tradition of pairing fics with artwork. To give both new and old SP fans long, thoughtful fics and new, narrative-driven artwork to enjoy. To celebrate the show we all love, its quirky characters, and the demented town they all live in.

Rules and Extended Info

For authors:

  • Stories must be at least 20,000 words in length.

  • Content will not be restricted. You may write gen, het, slash, or any combination thereof; AU or crossover; any rating, any pairing, any tense, any voice, any focus. The only caveat is that the main pairing or character focus must be on characters who originated in either the television show South Park, the 1999 film South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, or the game South Park: The Stick of Truth.

  • You may use a story in progress so long as it has never been accessible outside of this challenge. You may write a prequel or sequel to a fic that does already exist.

  • Beta-reading is required of all stories. For this purpose, we can try to help you find a beta, or you may use your own.

  • You may write in collaboration if you wish.

  • Sign-up begins on October 16, and closes on October 23.

  • Authors should join spbigbang and our Tumblr community in order to receive information about deadlines, posting, formatting, matching, etc. We encourage you to use our overwhelmingly popular, unmoderated chat community, spbigbangtalk, to work out ideas and keep communication open between all participants. On Tumblr, feel free to use the #spbb tag.

  • You’ll be matched with an artist based on your completed story, so it’s crucial to have that turned in by January 29! More information about drafts and matching will come nearer to the deadline.

  • Posting information will be disseminated before posting begins in spring 2016.

  • Extensions may be granted where necessary; inquire for details. In general the sooner you inform us of your situation, the more likely we are to grant you an extension. Reasonable extension requests usually relate to unforeseen or unexpected life occurrences. If you think you cannot complete the challenge, please do not sign up.

  • For the past two years, we have been able to post stories one at a time, giving each its own day to be spotlighted. If we receive a similar number of entries this year (around 15 or so) we'll plan to stick to this schedule.

  • There is no reason you can’t begin writing right now!

  • You do not need a LiveJournal account to participate! Simply leave an anonymous comment or comment with your OpenID on the author sign-up post (check back for link on Friday, October 16) with an active e-mail address, and we’ll get in touch with you. We accept sign-ups by e-mail as well at southparkbigbang @ gmail.com.


When you submit a story to SPBB, you are agreeing to have your story hosted in our archive. You retain ownership of the fic and you will be clearly marked as its author; however, we see SPBB as a collaboration between artists and authors, and the final product relies heavily on labor from the coordinators, including organizing and coding. SPBB retains the rights to host your fic on our site and in our archive until such time when we no longer wish to do so. When you submit a fic to SPBB you are giving SPBB permission to distribute and promote the fic in perpetuity. When we send you submission information in 2016 we will also send you legal paperwork which you will have to sign in order to participate.

If you are not sure that you can handle this, do not submit a fic to SPBB. Think of it as submitting a story to an illustrated print anthology -- once it's published, it's published. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact southparkbigbang @ gmail.com. We are happy to discuss it with you.

Important dates for authors

Author sign-ups open: Friday, October 16
Author sign-ups close: Friday, October 23
Check in: Friday, December 18
Rough draft: Friday, January 15
Fic due: Friday, January 29
Launch: Spring 2016

Further questions? Comment on this entry or e-mail your organizers at southparkbigbang@gmail.com.

Sound good? Great!


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