War Paint (sekrit_omg) wrote in spbigbang,
War Paint

[SPRMB 2014] author pinch-hitting only

If you want to sign-up as a pinch-hitter author for SPRMB 2014, copy and paste the form below into an LJ comment and we'll add you to our list:

Or, e-mail the same info to southparkbigbang @ gmail.com. Since pinch-hits can go out any time up until posting starts, we'll accept sign-ups on this entry until then.

If you want to participate but just aren't sure how time much you're able to commit, this is a great option. When a picture becomes available for pinch-hitting, we'll send out an e-mail to everyone on the list. The first reply gets the assignment. There's no commitment to respond to any available pinch-hit offer. Pinch-hitting is also great for anyone who has very narrow preferences in terms of content, since you have a chance to nab specific assignments as they're announced.

Ready to sign up? Hit reply!
Tags: !mod, !sign-ups
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