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SPBB presents: South Park Reverse Mini-Bang 2014 Artist Info & Guidelines

Hey artists, this post contains all you need to know about taking part in the SPRMB.

A Reverse Mini-Bang is a variation on a fandom Big Bang: it's still a collaboration between artists and writers, but in this event the art inspires the fic (the "reverse") and the stories are shorter (the "mini").

Artist sign-ups open: October 27, 2014
Artist sign-ups close: November 3, 2014
Art due: December 1, 2014
Author sign-ups open: December 3, 2014
Author sign-ups close: December 10, 2014
Author assignments sent: December 13, 2014
Fic due: January 10, 2015
Mini-Bang reveal!: January 14, 2015

You do not need a LiveJournal account to participate! If you don't have one, you may post your sign-up anonymously or using OpenID, or make an account here.

If you dropped out of SPBB 2014 after the deadline or if you failed to respond to our attempts to contact you, we regret that you are not eligible to participate in SPRMB 2014. (This is probably not a permanent ban; there will be a chance for redemption as a reliable pinch-hitter during SPBB 2015. Probably.)

One (1) single-panel illustration per artist. (In other words, comic strips or any other sequential art WILL NOT be accepted for this event. Please understand that this is to give authors the freedom to interpret without having to worry about linking multiple moments together.)

ALL characters should be from South Park (series/movie/game/all). No crossover characters. No original characters.

Other than that, there are no content requirements or restrictions. All genres and ratings are acceptable.

Please keep in mind that you want to inspire a story with your artwork! Your picture doesn't have to be crazy-action-packed, inspiration can come in small and subtle ways too - so if you can imagine a "before" and an "after" to the moment you depict, chances are a writer will also be inspired, even if they don't imagine the same story you do.

We'd like to see finished quality, please. Think of this as your final draft, the work you would turn in to be published in an art book, as opposed to a sketch. (Line art is fine, as long as the lines are clean and the piece can be considered finished.)

Color and/or black and white.

Minimum size: 600px/side. Maximum size: 1800 px/side.

Format: .jpg, .png, or animated .gif ONLY, thx.

Finished pieces are due December 1, 2014 - no later, no extensions, nope.

Please send your completed picture as an attachment to southparkbigbang @ gmail dot com

Please use the subject line: [ART] - your name.

Please include your name in the name of the file.

Please include the Art Submission Form (sent in your sign-up confirmation email); art WILL NOT be accepted without it.

We're very sorry, but we cannot grant art extensions for this event.

If you need to drop out, please let us know! Dropping out at any point up to the deadline will not ban you from future SPBB events. Failure to communicate, on the other hand, puts you in jeopardy - so please do send a quick email if you have to drop out, thanks.

Art and stories will be hosted at the official event website, spbigbang.org

Please do not post your art ANYWHERE until the SPRMB 2014 has gone live, that would spoil the fun. Once the archive is up, we encourage you to post a thumbnail preview anywhere you like - with a link to the full piece on spbigbang.org. Please wait until one month after the archive opens to post your full piece yourself. Wherever and whenever you post when the time comes, we ask that you include mention of SP Reverse Mini-Bang and link to the archive. This way we encourage a greater audience for artists and writers alike, when they visit the main event website!

If you're ready to sign up, head over to the SPRMB 2014 Artist sign up post. Yay!
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