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19 February 2016 @ 11:41 pm
The Artist Sign-Ups/Fic Claims post with summaries of each SPBB fic is live here on the official comm, from Saturday Feb 20 to Friday March 4.

From this information you'll decide which stories you'd like to illustrate, and list these on the sign-up form provided. You may reply directly to the post itself, OR email your completed sign-up form to southparkbigbang@gmail.com. Full information will be provided in the Artist Sign-Ups/Fic Claims post; take your time to read everything and all will be straightforward!

Alternatively, you may sign up to pinch-hit only. If you choose this option you'll be put on our mailing list, and if any artist drops out you'll be emailed their fic info. Claiming a pinch-hit fic is on a first-come first-serve basis though, and if you want to illustrate the fic you'd better reply quickly!

I've made my choices, what happens next?!

You will be given the rough draft of one story to illustrate, matched from your own preferences by Monday March 7.

Your minimum requirement per fic is one illustration.

You choose which part of the fic you want to illustrate, eg. one or several scenes, chapter headers, an image that captures the spirit of the whole piece - the decision is entirely up to you!

Collaboration on artworks is allowed.

We use “illustration” very generally. Artwork can be mixed media, digital, ink, animation, etc.

As a rough guide, image size should be 800 x 800px, but of course you can choose your own dimensions. If in doubt - get in touch with the SPBB Art Coordinator, nhaingen, at southparkbigbang@gmail.com

Final file should be .jpg or .png format please (or .gif if submitting an animation).

Please, no fan videos, fanmixes, or photo manipulations – unless you are submitting those in addition to a non-video visual artwork.

Artists are encouraged to join/follow spbigbang in order to receive any further information about deadlines, posting, formatting, matching, etc.

The deadline for artwork is April 29, 2016. Plan to have your art finished and ready to submit to southparkbigbang@gmail.com by then.

Extensions are likely to be granted if you let us know ASAP! Should something arise which interferes with completing your artwork on time, please get in touch so we can plan accordingly.

Finally, you don't need a livejournal account to take part in the SPBB, but we strongly recommend that you make one in order to participate more fully. You can do that quickly and for free right here. If you really don’t want to, you can leave signed, anonymous comments instead, or comment using another service such as Facebook or OpenID.

Ready to sign up?

You can do that here!
19 February 2016 @ 11:43 pm
SPBB sign ups are now live, through March 4! Before signing up I suggest you read what making art for the Big Bang entails -- read this.
To claim fic(s), please read through the descriptions of each fic listed below and then fill out the following form -- make sure to identify the fics you want/don't want by their Fic ID numbers:

You can submit your sign-up form either right on this post, as an LJ comment (we accept Anonymous comments) Or you can email the form to southparkbigbang@gmail.com with the subject line: "SPBB 2016 Artist Sign Up [your name]."

Please only submit your form through one of these methods, so we won't have you listed twice.
As the fic/artist matcher this year I will do my best to assign artists to fics they prefer, although of course I cannot guarantee that you will get one of your favorite fics!
If you have any questions or concerns please direct them to southparkbigbang@gmail.com.
Awesome! Here we go.


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