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Welcome to spbigbang! A big bang is a fandom challenge where artists and writers collaborate on producing new and exciting work; most big fandoms hold one or more each year. Since 2011-2012 we have run two fanworks exchanges for the South Park fandom each year. After a 2015 hiatus, we are gearing up for our seveneth event, SBB 2016. We hope you'll participate! .

Check out the extensive art and fic archives from past challenges on our website.

The schedule for SPBB 2016 is as follows:

Author sign-ups open: Friday, October 16, 2015
Author sign-ups close: Friday, October 23
Check in: Friday, December 18
Rough draft: Friday, January 15, 2016
Fic due: Monday, February 15

Artist sign-ups open: Friday, February 19
Artist sign-ups close: Friday, March 4
Assignments sent: Monday, March 7
Art due: Friday, April 29
Launch: Spring 2016

If you are planning on participating, join the community here. We have a Tumblr and a Tumblr tag, too.

E-mail your mods at southparkbigbang@gmail.com with any and all questions.

We hope you'll join us, now or in the future!
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SPBB 2016: Artist Sign-Ups + Fic Claims

SPBB sign ups are now live, through March 4! Before signing up I suggest you read what making art for the Big Bang entails -- read this.
To claim fic(s), please read through the descriptions of each fic listed below and then fill out the following form -- make sure to identify the fics you want/don't want by their Fic ID numbers:

You can submit your sign-up form either right on this post, as an LJ comment (we accept Anonymous comments) Or you can email the form to southparkbigbang@gmail.com with the subject line: "SPBB 2016 Artist Sign Up [your name]."

Please only submit your form through one of these methods, so we won't have you listed twice.
As the fic/artist matcher this year I will do my best to assign artists to fics they prefer, although of course I cannot guarantee that you will get one of your favorite fics!
If you have any questions or concerns please direct them to southparkbigbang@gmail.com.
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SPBB Artist Guidelines 2016

The Artist Sign-Ups/Fic Claims post with summaries of each SPBB fic is live here on the official comm, from Saturday Feb 20 to Friday March 4.

From this information you'll decide which stories you'd like to illustrate, and list these on the sign-up form provided. You may reply directly to the post itself, OR email your completed sign-up form to southparkbigbang@gmail.com. Full information will be provided in the Artist Sign-Ups/Fic Claims post; take your time to read everything and all will be straightforward!

Alternatively, you may sign up to pinch-hit only. If you choose this option you'll be put on our mailing list, and if any artist drops out you'll be emailed their fic info. Claiming a pinch-hit fic is on a first-come first-serve basis though, and if you want to illustrate the fic you'd better reply quickly!

I've made my choices, what happens next?!

You will be given the rough draft of one story to illustrate, matched from your own preferences by Monday March 7.

Your minimum requirement per fic is one illustration.

You choose which part of the fic you want to illustrate, eg. one or several scenes, chapter headers, an image that captures the spirit of the whole piece - the decision is entirely up to you!

Collaboration on artworks is allowed.

We use “illustration” very generally. Artwork can be mixed media, digital, ink, animation, etc.

As a rough guide, image size should be 800 x 800px, but of course you can choose your own dimensions. If in doubt - get in touch with the SPBB Art Coordinator, nhaingen, at southparkbigbang@gmail.com

Final file should be .jpg or .png format please (or .gif if submitting an animation).

Please, no fan videos, fanmixes, or photo manipulations – unless you are submitting those in addition to a non-video visual artwork.

Artists are encouraged to join/follow spbigbang in order to receive any further information about deadlines, posting, formatting, matching, etc.

The deadline for artwork is April 29, 2016. Plan to have your art finished and ready to submit to southparkbigbang@gmail.com by then.

Extensions are likely to be granted if you let us know ASAP! Should something arise which interferes with completing your artwork on time, please get in touch so we can plan accordingly.

Finally, you don't need a livejournal account to take part in the SPBB, but we strongly recommend that you make one in order to participate more fully. You can do that quickly and for free right here. If you really don’t want to, you can leave signed, anonymous comments instead, or comment using another service such as Facebook or OpenID.

Ready to sign up?

You can do that here!
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SPBB 2016: Rules, info, & schedule for authors

Main objective: Write a South Park fanfic of 20,000 words or longer. After completing the story, writers will be paired up with artists, who will illustrate the fic. The result will be an influx of substantial new works for the SP fandom to enjoy.

Bonus objectives: To create a space for SP fans who wish to participate to gather. To revive the fanzine tradition of pairing fics with artwork. To give both new and old SP fans long, thoughtful fics and new, narrative-driven artwork to enjoy. To celebrate the show we all love, its quirky characters, and the demented town they all live in.

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[SPRMB 2014] author pinch-hitting only

If you want to sign-up as a pinch-hitter author for SPRMB 2014, copy and paste the form below into an LJ comment and we'll add you to our list:

Or, e-mail the same info to southparkbigbang @ gmail.com. Since pinch-hits can go out any time up until posting starts, we'll accept sign-ups on this entry until then.

If you want to participate but just aren't sure how time much you're able to commit, this is a great option. When a picture becomes available for pinch-hitting, we'll send out an e-mail to everyone on the list. The first reply gets the assignment. There's no commitment to respond to any available pinch-hit offer. Pinch-hitting is also great for anyone who has very narrow preferences in terms of content, since you have a chance to nab specific assignments as they're announced.

Ready to sign up? Hit reply!
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[SPRMB 2014] info and guidelines for writers

SPBB's current challenge is the South Park Reverse Mini-Bang 2014! This post contains an overview as well as detailed info for authors. Sign up here from December 3 to 10, 2014. Please note that the selection process is based on identifying information about each picture; the actual illustration will be sent to authors with their assignment.

A reverse mini-bang is a variation on a fandom big bang: it's still a collaboration between artists and writers, but this time the art inspires the fic (the "reverse") and the stories are shorter (the "mini"). For SPRMB 2014, we're asking authors to come up with a story of 1,500 - 10,000 words.


December 3-10: Author sign-ups
December 13: Author assignments sent
January 10, 2015: Fic due
January 14: Mini-bang reveal!

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Remember, sign-ups close next Wednesday, December 10. If you have any questions, please send an email to SekritOMG (SPRMB author coordinator) at southparkbigbang @ gmail.com.

Ready to sign up? Join us here!
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CLOSED! :: SPBB presents: SPRMB 2014 Artist Sign Ups :: CLOSED!

welcome sprmb'14 artists

If you haven't read the Artist Info & Guidelines yet, please check that out first. There's a link that'll take you back here when you're ready to join...

To sign up, please reply to this post with the following information:

Name (as you wish to be known for the event):
Email address (one you use regularly - if you don't keep in touch, we assume you're not taking part!):

Thanks! After the sign-up period closes, I will send you a confirmation email which includes your Art Submission Form that must accompany your finished piece when you send it to us.

If you don't have an LJ account, you have a few options:
- leave your sign-up here as an anonymous comment
- use your OpenID account
- create a free LJ account here
- send an email to southparkbigbang @ gmail.com, with "[ART SIGN-UP] your name" in the subject line

If you have any questions please email me, w0rmsign, at southparkbigbang @ gmail.com, thank you!
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SPBB presents: South Park Reverse Mini-Bang 2014 Artist Info & Guidelines

Hey artists, this post contains all you need to know about taking part in the SPRMB.

A Reverse Mini-Bang is a variation on a fandom Big Bang: it's still a collaboration between artists and writers, but in this event the art inspires the fic (the "reverse") and the stories are shorter (the "mini").

Artist sign-ups open: October 27, 2014
Artist sign-ups close: November 3, 2014
Art due: December 1, 2014
Author sign-ups open: December 3, 2014
Author sign-ups close: December 10, 2014
Author assignments sent: December 13, 2014
Fic due: January 10, 2015
Mini-Bang reveal!: January 14, 2015

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If you're ready to sign up, head over to the SPRMB 2014 Artist sign up post. Yay!